Warm, Caring, & Dedicated!

Nothing compares to having a family member nearby, but outside responsibilities can make it tough to be present at all times. Rest assured, we’re here to make certain your special senior is ALWAYS in great company. At Seniors Helping Seniors® … Read More

Fostering Independence

Aside from companionship, many seniors need a bit of support with everyday tasks. That’s where Seniors Helping Seniors® E. Washtenaw County and W. Wayne County MI comes into play. We strive to pair caregivers, who are seniors themselves, with individuals … Read More

Tech Tips - Online Meal Delivery

Whether you enjoy cooking at home or indulging in your favorite dish from a restaurant across town, there’s a growing number of online food delivery services that are reshaping the culinary experience. With a few quick clicks, you can save … Read More

Know The Signs: Dementia

As we age, it can be tough to differentiate normal cognitive decline from something more troublesome. Symptoms of dementia often look like conventional signs of aging, the difference being they are more severe and interfere significantly with the ability to … Read More

Tech Tips

Whether it’s for you or a senior loved one, bringing technology into a home is a wonderful way to facilitate an easier life. There are a range of devices that work with simple voice commands, making it ideal for individuals … Read More

Happy 2022!!

The start of a season is the perfect opportunity to commit to becoming the best version of yourself and discovering your greater good. As a Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver, you’ll share your time, skills, and stories with our care receivers, … Read More