2021 Memorial Day

"This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day and welcome summer. Please take a moment to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by so many to keep our nation free and our future bright. We owe them more than we could ever … Read More

Happy Mother's Day

"This weekend we celebrate Mothers. Mothers, written bold, makes sense. She is likely the boldest presence in any life. Mothers are fierce and fragile, grand and humble, overt and enigmatic.  In other words, Mothers are everything. To all the Moms … Read More

Tech Safety for Seniors

Reposting a relevant article from Sarah Bishop originally posted in the SHS main web site.  Phones and the Internet have become integral to everyday life. Seniors are better versed in technology than ever. Yet, seniors' tech safety is more at … Read More

The SNF at Home Model and Home Care

By Cheryl Hammons CFE, CSA | March 10, 2021 | Comments Offon The SNF at Home Model and Home Care Home care agencies know keeping people at home is the preferred option. When asked what they fear most, seniors rated loss of independence (26%) and … Read More

Thank You for Your Feed Back

I really appreciate the help my Mom got from Seniors Helping Seniors. The care giver  was very compassionate always on time and  went an extra mile in order to satisfy my mother needs. Thank you for the help - Ron … Read More

The Sandwich Generation

The "Sandwich Generation" are those who cares for their children and act as caregiver for their parents. It can also include grandparents , other seniors' relatives and grandchildren. Be a caregiver can be stressful; do not hesitate looking for help … Read More