Double Dare to Challenge Seniors to Do This!

Double dare to challenge Seniors to do this! Use, during the day, as many as possible positive words from the list of positive words (300) published by agelessinvesting. A simple way to enlightening the day.

Tech Safety for Seniors

Phones and the Internet have become integral to everyday life. Seniors are better versed in technology than ever. Yet, seniors' tech safety is more at risk than ever. Scammers that become savvier every day are targeting seniors. It's no longer … Read More

Live Longer. Live Stronger. Seniors Need Seniors.

Live Longer. Live Stronger. Seniors Need Seniors. Many seniors have lived in their current home for decades. Their greatest wish is to remain in the place where they have cherished memories, their personal belongings, and a sense of security. They … Read More

World Mental Health Day

When we heard about the world mental health day,  we can ignore or we can be inspired and develop "food for thoughts".