"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful companionship and help with daily tasks that Seniors Helping Seniors has provided to my mother. It was very easy and quick to get the service set up and we appreciate your flexibility regarding the schedule as well as the tasks each week. Not only is it important to work with people that we can trust, but also caregivers that really understand and can relate to older adults. My mother has enjoyed her experience with her caregiver and really looks forward to seeing her every time. We are grateful for your ongoing support and kindness and would recommend this service highly! "

— Karin J. - Daughter of Care Receiver

Thank you for a year of service. It has been a wonderful experience. Patty G has been an outstanding companion.

Dorothy W.

— Care Receiver - Dorothy Walker

"I just want to say thank you for all the help, everything went well, the move went well. I just want to say thank you. I hope you have a wonder full day. "

— Care Receiver - Barbara Russ

My Testimony of Seniors Helping Seniors:
After 15 years, I finally received my Section 8 voucher!
It was an exciting yet scary time.
I had just had surgery; it was during a pandemic and have no car.
Then Seniors Helping Seniors came in on Angel's wings!

Eleanor Chang, the MSW there helped organize ways for boxes to be delivered to me!
She also found another senior citizen, Carmo Ribeiro. He helped with boxes and even packing.
I was doing this alone with no family here in Michigan.
Eleanor stayed in close contact with me and helped out in ways that brought no attention to herself.
Mr. Ribeiro did the same!

I feel so bless that they were able to help me.
I'd NEVER had been able to move without their help!
I want to thank Seniors Helping Seniors with my whole heart!
I was able to move out of an area that I felt unsafe in.

They even contacted me after the move to see how things were going.
I highly recommend them.
If they can help, they will!

Very Sincerely,
Sherie Ballew

— Care Receiver - Sherie Ballew

This is a Testimony I wanted to submit that I am so happy to do so.

I want to thank Carmo Ribeiro for his guidance, patience and understanding for my father’s needs. And to Ed Weidenbach for the time, patience and understanding as he spent time with my father. My father was resistance at first, but quickly became comfortable with Ed and he was very very helpful to me and my father.

I will forever be grateful to them both and I am hoping next spring/summer when he returns, they will be able to pick up where we left off.

Thank you to SHS, you are truly appreciated!!

Connie Goodman - daughter of Charles Moore

— Connie Goodman - Daughter of Care Receiver

"After my Dad fell and returned home from rehab we needed help. He was very concerned about his privacy but grew to trust and appreciate Carmo very much. Dad was able to connect with an older person much better than the young nursing student we also hired. Carmo was flexible and responsive to our needs and helped us through the pandemic crisis. Carmo is very resourceful and helped us with minor repairs, laundry, housekeeping, getting groceries, and doctors appointments. I can’t say enough about what a great service Seniors Helping Seniors has been for us!" Vicky Russell

— Vicky Russell - Daughter of Care Receiver

" Seniors helping Seniors is such a wonderful organization they moved my things out of my storage unit into my apartment and reunited me with my personal belongings I recommend them for helping anyone"

— Care Receiver - Vernice January

Very good experience. Very fast set up and very flexible.

— Scott Owens - Son of Care Receiver

— Nancy Zajak - ARRA Organization

"I was very anxious before my procedure. Anita was very friendly, professional and an excellent driver. These attributes went a long way to easing my anxiety" - Martha Gaitskill

— Care Receiver - Martha Gaitskill

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