"I would like to acknowledge how very pleased I was with Seniors Helping Seniors! My
husband has dementia and initially I tried another service to request a person to be a
companion for my husband one afternoon a week. This service sent two different people and
my husband was very unhappy with each of the individuals. My husband begged me to stop
this service, so I did. Then I decided to try Seniors Helping Seniors. Carmo Ribeiro, the owner,
was very pleasant and helpful. He said he had someone in mind and would check with her. So
about 10 minutes after we spoke, this wonderful lady called and indicated she was interested.
We gave her a try and two years later she was still with us. She put much effort into being a
companion to my husband. She knew his limits and proceeded accordingly even as his
disability increased. He enjoyed her company and looked forward to every Tuesday which was
her day. My husband recently has gone to a memory care facility, so we no longer need her
weekly service, but we consider her a friend and will keep in touch.
Also, Carmo was always very helpful, and accommodating be it a schedule, billing or any
other situation that might arise. He has my highest recommendation!
Aileen Bement"

— Aileen Bement - Wife of a Care Receiver