"My father had Seniors Helping Seniors for a good six to seven years. He had somebody there five days a week, which really took a strain off of me because I'm the only one that was local to him at the time. They became a friend to him. Several of them went above and beyond what Seniors Helping Seniors would provide, which is basically companionship, transportation, and grocery shopping. In fact, I still keep in touch with a couple of them because they're like family friends now. They really cared about my dad. There were a couple of them that didn't stick around long, but towards the end, like the last three or four years, Seniors Helping Seniors were sending over very good people that really went above and beyond. Like they were spending the night with him when he wasn't feeling good and they were coming over on the weekends on their own time just to spend time with him. It went very well for him. It was a lifesaver for us and for the family. It was great and I had no bad experiences with them. Maybe sometimes, they care a little bit too much."

— Robert M - Son of Receiver